The last Power Pack you ever need

Crankagain is the most powerful mobile power pack on the market and stands out with its relatively small size, its sleek design and absolute easy application.

Easy and safe

Crankagain is safe and easy to use even for inexperienced users. With its application comes absolute error-security. The intelligent electronics recognize if the clamps are connected incorrectly and in the event of a short Crankagain automatically switches off. An integrated spark protection prevents any possible oxyhydrogen from catching fire.

Quality and practical design

It goes without saying that highest quality standards apply to the production process. The Crankagain components are made only of high-quality material. A modern look goes hand in hand with highest functionality. The Crankagain is able to meet the most stringent demands. Our mission is to combine performance and design.

Mobile power for everyday use

Mobile power supply is becoming increasingly important in our everyday life. With crankagain phones or laptops can be charged or even vehicles jump-started. The Crankagain can easily be integrated into everyday life and it not only looks good in a workshop but also in your office or meeting room.